Amazing Ideas for a Converted Rustic Attic Space

If you’re looking for something to do with that unused attic space, you could try a rustic theme. Attic spaces were made for rustic looks, since they often have exposed rafters in them, a mainstay of this style. They also make good places for additional guest bedrooms. That means you can have added bedrooms with a cabin look so your guests can feel like they’re getting away from it all. Attics are also so removed from the other areas of the house that it’s more acceptable to make them into a style that might not fit with the rest of the home. If you wanted to try out a new design, below are several ideas for a rustic attic space.

The rustic space in the photo above is great if you have many people to sleep when a large family or many friends come over. Attics tend to be long areas, so placing two beds on each side by the walls is a good way to get that added sleep space.This is also a no-fuss rustic space. The exposed rafters and textured wood of the ceiling, walls and floor set an easy tone. The blankets add some bold color, while the country patterns add a classic vibe. Overall, the space has a rustic summer camp cabin feel.

Rustic Chic Scandinavian Attic:

Here’s more of a Scandinavian rustic chic design to use if you want to get a little more creative with the attic space. Added rustic rafters and textured wood on the ceiling set the rustic tone. However, the white walls keep the whole space looking chic.

For the furniture, pallet designs help things look quaint and rustic. Wood elements like the TV stand also match the exposed rafters well. Meanwhile, little elements like the woven basket add a cultured look. It’s a good example of how an attic space doesn’t have to be all rustic or all modern in its design.

Textured Wood

The rustic attic space in the photo above shows textured wood and exposed rafters. If you have a rustic space like this, then you might want to focus on what type of furniture you’re putting in it. A good addition is wood furniture. The wood texture of the desk fits with the attic space but the furniture still gives a slightly modern feel with its stark geometry.

If you’re creating an office in the attic, it’s a good idea to find a wood office desk like this to match the rafters, which gives a sense of cohesion to the space. Since it’s an attic space, it might be tempting to throw whatever used furniture you have up there, but that could run the risk of looking random and haphazard.

Rustic Visiting Space:

Attics can even make good spare rooms for visiting or relaxing. If you’ve run out of space downstairs, you can put a spare room in the attic to make good use of previously unused space. The photo above shows a rustic attic space that works well as an all-purpose room. The drink bar and Scrabble theme are fun additions.

On a design level, this space is another good example of how well rustic chic works in an attic. The white walls and ceiling give the space a clean, updated look. However, elements like the fur stools, pallet furniture and classic bottles on the wall keep this area looking delightfully rustic.

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