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Amazing Ideas for a Converted Rustic Attic Space

If you’re looking for something to do with that unused attic space, you could try a rustic theme. Attic spaces were made for rustic looks, since they often have exposed rafters in them, a mainstay of this style.

The Freshome Dream Dining Room

The dining room is such an interesting part of the home. It’s gone through a number of transformations over the years. It first served as a mark of wealth,the extra square footage to dedicate an entire room just to eating.

Ways to Plan a Small Yard Green Space

The simple fact is that with less space to work with, the lawn itself has to be impeccably planned so that it fits in with decking space, decorative accents and other common yard functions. Otherwise, you risk a yard and cluttered.

Ways to Use Script Wall Art in Your Home

Using script in your wall art is a wonderful way to express yourself in your home. You can incorporate your favorite inspirational quotes, excerpts from beloved books or even a more abstract design.Chic is one of those words.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout?

The L-shaped layout is the most popular kitchen configuration, according to the NKBA 2019 kitchen design trends. But what is an L-shaped kitchen layout? We asked a few top experts to explain this layout and provide advice for using it.

Everything You Need to Know About Light Bulbs

Think a few bulbs here and there aren’t that big of a deal? Think again. ENERGY STAR reports that the average American household has 70 (count ’em, 70!) light bulbs. And all that lighting can use more energy than your refrigerator.

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